Compare Brazilian Koa Flooring

Want to see how Brazilian Koa Flooring stacks up against other flooring options? This chart compares what we have in stock to popular choices such as bamboo, carpet, and red oak.

  Brazilian Koa Carpet Bamboo Red Oak
Appearance Exotic blend of vibrant orange and deep black stripes. Unlimited options for color and pattern. Limited options, light to dark tan. Colors range from light tan to red.
Health All-natural product, no harmful chemicals. VOC Free. Contains toxic chemicals that offgas for years after installation, traps dirt and allergens. Adhesives can contain toxic chemicals (i.e. urea formaldehyde) that offgas into the air you breathe. Natural product, no harmful chemicals.
Lifespan Can be refinished multiple times, resists scratches and dents. 25+ years if refinished to extend lifetime. Will "last" 10-15 years. Look of carpet over time prompts removal under 10 years. Constant upkeep is required. Dents and scratches easily, and cannot be refinished. 25+ years if refinished to extend lifetime.
Eco-Friendly Yes, when harvested responsibly. 100% biodegradable. No. Releases harmful chemicals throughout its life and will sit in a landfill for years. No. Harvested irresponsibly, without regulation, and is full of toxic glues. Yes, if harvested responsibly. 100% biodegradable.

It is clear that Brazilian Koa is the superior choice here. In every area - beauty, health, and durability - a Brazilian Koa floor will outshine the competition.

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